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Pet Bathing Massage Tool

If you’ve washed your dog, you know the pains associated with bath time blunder – water spraying every which way while you try to control a squirming dog and then finding soap spots on Fido once the hose has been shut off.

With the wearable shower tool, water is injected into your pet’s coat for a faster rinse than traditional sprayers and it allows you to control your pet during the entire process. It all but eliminates excess spraying water and the intimidation factor for your pet!

Simply fit on to one hand and squeeze to use, leaving your other hand free to hold your pet still. No need to reach for the hose; take the mess out of washing your furry friend using the Pet Bathing Tool to soak, scrub, and rinse your pet as if you were simply stroking them.

A great gift for any animal lover that hates the mess and chaos that comes bath-time.

The 2 in 1 sprayer-scrubber is attached to a flexible 2.6m hose, and can be used in or outside the home with a shower diverter and a garden hose adapter both included.

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