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Yoga Wheel

Challenge yourself and advance your practice with this new yoga prop!

Yoga mats and blocks have been around for decades, but the Yoga Wheel is a new and exciting addition to your at-home practice room or yoga studio, which will take your postures to the next level.

You’ll also increase balance, build core strength, release tension, and explore ways to practice challenging poses that are otherwise inaccessible.

DEEPER BACKBENDS – Most yoga students have a love-hate relationship with backbends. We need them, we want them, and yet they are extremely challenging. Using the Yoga Wheel, you can practice passive backbends, particularly in your ‘tight spots,’ such as the middle and upper back, that are difficult to access using traditional poses.

BETTER BALANCE – Using the Yoga Wheel in classic standing poses, such as Warrior I, Warrior II, Side Angle, and Crescent Lunge, challenges you in new and different ways. You’ll feel your legs burn (in a good way) as you work new muscles to find balance.

BUILD YOUR CORE – Yoga teachers constantly talk about core strength, but the truth is that most mat-based classes are very gentle when it comes to abdominal workouts. Using the Yoga Wheel, you can blast your core safely and effectively in a matter of minutes while having fun balancing on your arms and learning useful poses.

INCREASE FLEXIBILITY – By rolling your tight and stiff areas, you ‘turn off’ your stretch reflex and tell your nervous system it’s safe to go deeper. 

Product details:
  • AGE: 7 to 75 recommended
  • WEIGHT LIMIT: no minimum / 250 lbs (113kg) max
  • USE: indoors or outdoors (do not leave in the sun or under the rain)
  • SETUP: ready to use immediately, with or without mat, preferably on a hard surface
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    Our Guarantee:

    **Due to an increase in Social Media attention, this Yoga Wheel is high in demand. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handling**

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