3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener



Using a traditional knife sharpener isn't always easy and if you doesn't do it the right way you may damage your precious knife! This is why we created this 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener!

3-Stage Knife Sharpening System - With our incredible 3-slot system, we’re revolutionizing the art of knife sharpening! The 1st diamond sharpening rod repairs and straightens damaged blades before the 2nd slot sharpens to restore its V-shape. Finally, the 3rd slot fine tunes for a clean polish.

    Easy to Use - Whether you’re right or left-handed, the ergonomic handle allows you to restore your cooking knives in a matter of seconds! Simply place the blade in each of the slots and gently pull the knife through a few times for fast, effective sharpening.

    Efficient - Features two independent spring-action arms made of tungsten carbide that contour to your knife’s edge better than a knife sharpening stone.

    Multi-functional - Sharpens, hones and polishes your old knives and gives them a complete makeover.

    Versatile - It works on steel & ceramic knives, as well as on scissors. (Not for serrated knives)!

    Safe & Ergonomic - Ergonomic non-slip handle has been designed to fit your hand, promising you a good firm grip, so you are always stable.

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    Our Guarantee :

    **Due to an increase in Social Media attention, this 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener is high in demand. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handling**

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