6.5 inch Double Ended Duster Cleaner Brush

 Are you tired of your car getting dusty and having to dig into car vents and cracks to clean dust and dirt every time?

Then make you life easy and simple with this Double Ended Duster Cleaner Brush!



This must-have car cleaning tool comes with dual sided cleaning ends wich is perfect for removing dust in every narrow places.




- Easy to Wash (Just remove and disassemble the parts for easy washing)

- Small and Portable (Convenient to keep in a car, size of 6,5''x1.57'')

- Double Ended Brush (Microfiber brush)

- Versatile Cleaning Tool (This duster is also great for cleaning all different areas of home like windows blinds, computer, keyboard and any crack corner of your home)



Package includes:

- 1 Double Ended Duster Cleaner Brush


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**Due to an increase in Social Media attention, this Double Ended Dust Cleaner Brush is high in demand. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handling**

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