Kitchen Silicone Cleaning Gloves

These silicone gloves are perfect for dishwashing, cleaning, kitchen, household, pet hair care, washing car. Can also be used to move hot dishes or to remove oven dishes.

FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Made from 100% food grade silicone, eco-friendly and safe, fast natural drying, no deformation, no residue, waterproof, and no harm to the kitchen utensils. Can also be used to clean vegetables and fruits.

HIGH HEAT RESISTANT: -40°C to 220° C. Reusable gloves can be placed in a dishwasher or in boiling water for cleaning. Can also be used to move hot dishes or to remove oven dishes.

EASY TO CLEAN: Palms and fingers covered with thick silicone bristles which can quickly wash away oil stains and maintain a strong grip on the products being washed, and is not harmful to delicate kitchen utensils. Silicone gloves leave no bacteria nor residue.

STRONG AND DURABLE: These high-quality natural rubber gloves are able to be strong without being too thick. This design gives you superior control, meaning you can handle soapy, slippery and wet glassware and crockery with case.

Protect your hands!

Material: Food grade silicone
Color: Pink, Grey, Green, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Grass Green
Heat Resistant: -40℃~220℃

Package Included:
1 pairs*silicone gloves

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1.It’s normal to have a little smell when you just took brushes gloves out. Please put it in the air for a while.
2.Cleaning brushes gloves are not completely away oil stain, please add detergent as appropriate.

Our Guarantee :

**Due to an increase in Social Media attention, this Kitchen Silicone Cleaning Gloves is high in demand. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handling**

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