Ultimate Travel Cup

Tired of your messy, unorganized travel bag? There's never been an EASIER way to organize and pack your accessories quicker, than with the Ultimate Travel Cup! 

Whether you're globetrotting or planning a short weekend getaway, a hardworking, stylish and cute Ultimate Travel Cup is essential to keep your most important toiletries organized and accessible.
The Ultimate Travel Cup is the only product you need for your toiletries when you travel. It has everything compacted into one cup that has nifty tools that will let you do almost all toiletry functions on-the-go. It fits conveniently in any luggage and makes it less bulky than carrying a big toiletry bag.
You will love being able to carry everything you need in such a small and compact place!
Ultimate Travel Cup includes: 1x Teeth Cup 2x Bottle dispensers (for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion and more) 1x Comb 1x Mirror 2x Bottle stoppers (to make sure liquid does not squeeze out during travel) Fits toothbrush and toothpaste easily. Comes with the bottom compartment for a towel or other storage.

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